Abraham Nazear had presence. My father commanded every room he walked into. He drew people to him like none other. I can recall visiting
his hometown in Egypt and walking down the street with my cousins, where everyone would point and tell me they knew my dad. I felt famous just for the association.

But my father’s presence was much taller than his barely 5’7″ frame. He carried his heart on his sleeve, intentional to share it with any and every person who came across his path.

Growing up we attended a Hispanic pastor’s church in an inner city of New Jersey.  The congregation was 99% African-American. And then there we were: the Egyptians who made their family among them.

My father, I’m convinced, thought himself African-American too and changed his vernacular to match, frequently calling people “brother” in the most unusual settings.

[Tweet “You really couldn’t be around him for a long and not leave changed, different, challenged.”]

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Senseless…yes. Shocking…no. What happened in Paris should never have happened. But if you understand the mind of a brainwashed, terrorist you can begin to understand what is required to change the results.Many people don’t want to stop to understand. We are quick to judge, but will judging change anything? America, this is in our future…so how do we change the outcome? May I suggest we do something that can bring about change?

Care – The reason these acts are committed is simply because it is the only place these people feel understood and accepted. Rejection can shape even the gentlest soul into a monster. And fear of rejection does the same. If the only acceptance these potential terrorists get is from the brainwashing savages they serve, then they will never deviate from their orders.

Understand – The problem is bigger than a specific group of people. Desperation causes us to do dangerous things. Terrorists are found all over the globe, including the United States of America.

Pray– it changes things.

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Connecting with your kids, can be a very difficult thing to do sometimes. When they’re little a lot of times we don’t have a problem snuggling and eating them up. As they grow and enter into different ages and stages it becomes more challenging. I should know I have a teenager, a elementary school, and the preschool aged child under one roof. So challenging isn’t really the word I was looking for. But I know that I have been given these children for a reason. So I plan on being intentional with their childhood. Given that they have only around 935 Saturdays from the time of their born until that time they go off to college, it seems like time really does move at lightening fast speed. So here are some of the top tips that I am implementing in our house. The point is not to do them perfectly but rather to pick and choose and just do them. My children know when I am trying and when I’m not and I definitely see a response.

The 5 T’s to Connecting with your Kids

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